We embrace Marriage equality!


We are honored to be part of LGBTQ unions. Ten years ago, Alma Rose was one of the first wedding officiants to dedicate a full page on her website saluting marriage equality.

"I would love to oversee the union of any two people who love each other and wish to commit to a life together. My believe is that love comes in all shapes, sizes and genders." 

For gay and lesbian couples there are a few important details to consider. Below is a guide to planning gay and lesbian wedding and commitment ceremonies, including a stage-by-stage calendar.

The New Etiquette of Same-Sex Weddings and Helpful Tips:

Finally, it’s legal. Experts and recently married (or engaged) couples talk rules.

 Domestic Partners Information

If you are in a committed lesbian or gay relationship in California, you can protect yourself and your partner by   registering as domestic partners.

If you are in a committed opposite-sex   relationship where one partner is 62 years or older, you have the opportunity to   register as domestic partners.

 It is important to register if you   want your relationship to have legal standing. 

While registration isn’t the same as marriage, it does secure many important rights and responsibilities.

Under   current law, registration can protect your rights in times of family crisis,   protect your children, and give you access to family benefits at   work.


•  Same-sex couples who are 18 or older
•  Opposite-sex couples who are 62 and older
•  Must not be related by blood in a way that would prevent being married to each other in California
•  Must not be married or part of another domestic partnership
•  Must live together
•  Must accept responsibility for each others living expense.

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