Alice Keck Park, Santa Barbara, CA

Located in the heart of Santa Barbara, Alice Keck Memorial Gardens provides more than just a lovely location for a stunning outdoor wedding and Santa Barbara venue… It is truly a nature lover’s wonderland!
It’s grassy knolls, flanked by over 75 species of tree and flora, slope gracefully down to a pond filled with swan, lively koi, and families of turtles sunning themselves upon outcroppings of rock, a perfect setting for both extravagant and intimate ceremonies alike.
Overlooking the pond on the opposite side sits a wedding gazebo built for two. This Santa Barbara wedding venue is perfect along with beautiful bridges and winding paths abound in this botanical crown jewel, making Alice Keck Memorial Gardens a top choice for many garden themed Santa Barbara weddings.

Directions: From the 101 take the Garden Street exit and turn towards the mountains. Drive along Garden until you come to the Arrellaga cross street. There is usually plenty of free parking nearby.

Facilities None here, but this oasis in the city borders Alameda Park, which features a large children's playground, restroom facilities and large open spaces for Frisbee and sunning.



Chase Palm Park, Santa Barbara, CA

Much of this Santa Barbara wedding venue has been renovated recently and it has made this area a wonderful place for hanging out on a Sunday afternoon. On the harbor side there is a long bike and rollerblading trail, a skateboard park, a rec. house, and beach access.

On the city side of the street there is an outdoor music pavilion, a vintage French carousel, children's playground and plenty of well-tended. The koi pond just beyond the carousel makes a great backdrop for an intimate wedding. Almost any night of the week and all weekend there will be some sort of musical, sporting or picnicking activity going on here.  Note:  This park requires a permit for weddings and set ups.

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Directions: From the 101 take the Garden Street exit and turn towards the ocean. At the bottom of Garden you can turn left. The park is right in front of you at the end of the street and to your left on the city side. There is some parking inside the park and some along the side streets. Be prepared to walk a couple of blocks.


Chase Palm Park Center

This beachfront Santa Barbara wedding venue is one of the most affordable Santa Barbara venue.  The venue seats around 200, it has an indoor and outdoor patio and, most importantly, it has a grassy area to host your Santa Barbara wedding.  Just a few feet away beyond the grassy area is the sand and beach!  To rent this Santa Barbara wedding venue costs only $2,000 for a Saturday wedding.  That is a screaming deal considering it has all the amenities you need for a year round Santa Barbara wedding.  

It is centrally located near the pier and walking distance from the Funk Zone.  Located at E. Cabrillo Blvd., Santa Barbara.  Please contact 805-897-1982 or 805-897-1983 to reserve this delightful Santa Barbara wedding venue.

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Eilings Park, Santa Barbara, CA

Located in the beautiful city of Santa Barbara, Elings Park is a 230-acre private, non-profit park and Santa Barbara wedding venue boasting incredible views of the city and ocean. From weddings and special events to sports and recreation, Elings offers a variety of activities guaranteed to create enjoyable days for all.

Panoramic views, baseball diamonds, tennis courts, an amphitheater and hang/para-gliding provide versatility and the predominantly natural vegetation give it a 'real' look. At 230 acres, this perfect Santa Barbara venue and park is a little over 50% natural and wild.

The park is also centrally located near Arroyo Burro Beach and the Douglas Family Preserve.  It is just a half mile from the City's golf course.  Note: This park with require a permit for a weddings and set ups.

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 Directions: Take the 101 to Las Positas and turn away from the mountains.  About a mile in turn left into the park.



Shoreline Park, Santa Barbara, CA

This long, narrow ocean-side Santa Barbara venue and park offers fabulous views of the harbor, the Islands and the mountains.

Scattered parking and picnic facilities, as well as a small playground, make this a popular spot for family gatherings. This is a great park for walking, skating and playing Frisbee.

Follow the narrow wooden stairs to the beach below and discover a local secret - a beach and tidal pool area (when the tide is low) that is both private and beautiful.

You will often see three dolphins skimming the surface off this park. (It's almost always three of them!)  Stand by the bronze whale tale and gaze through the binoculars and you might even see a whale.

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Directions: From the 101 take Garden and turn away from the mountains. Garden will dead-end onto Cabrillo Blvd. Turn right and follow the road for about a mile. Continue past the harbor and at the top of the hill you will see the park on your left. There are parking lots scattered throughout the park.



Franschesci Park, Santa Barbara, CA

Named for Italian horticulturist Francesco Franceschi, this 18-acre park offers some of the most wonderful views of the Santa Barbara city and coast.  It is well known locally for its wonderful collection of exotic plants and a perfect Santa Barbara venue for an intimate wedding.

The Franceschi home is within the boundaries of the park and is scheduled for a face-lift.  There is a small picnic site, a large patio that serves as the group picnic area, restrooms, and parking.  This is a great park for lunch or a romantic stroll through the winding paths.

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Directions: Take Mission from the 101 towards the mountains and follow until you reach the end. Turn left onto Laguna and at the stop sign turn right onto Los Olivos. At the fork in the road bear right and follow the Alameda Padre Serra until you reach Alvarado Place. Turn left and when you reach Mission Ridge, turn right. Drive until you see the sign for the park on your left. Take the next left onto Franceschi Road. Look for the park gates on your left marked 1501 about 400 feet from Mission Ridge. (If you get to the top of the hill you have gone too far). Enter the gates and go down a long level driveway to the parking area.



La Mesa Park, Santa Barbara, CA

295 Meigs Rd, Santa Barbara, CA 93109

This lush and friendly neighborhood park features a children's playground and reservable group picnic facilities and bathrooms. Other highlights include towering trees and a short, pleasant walk to a spectacular ocean view. It is located next to the lighthouse.  This park rents for under $400 considering it has all the amenities you need for your Santa Barbara wedding.  It even boasts a small stage with power for your wedding set up and attendants.  

On a budget?  This Santa Barbara wedding venue is all you need.  The benches seat about 60 guests and you can host your reception afterwards.  It is a hidden jewel with plenty of parking. I personally love this Santa Barbara venue for weddings because it is affordable and has an ocean view.

Directions:  Take 101 freeway and exit at Carillo Blvd., go south towards the beach.  Upon crossing Cliff Drive, it will be on the right hand side of the street across the street from Lazy Acres.

For more info, please click on this link:, or call 805-564-5418.

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