Meet Alma-Rose Middleton  'The Weddingista'


As a trained celebrant, we learn rites of passage.


Wedding Officiant, Certified Celebrant, Non-Denominational Minister

I am an energetic, humorous, light-hearted and absolutely love what I do.  I have the distinction of being 1,000 Certified Life-Cycle Celebrants in the U.S., Canada and Mexico to celebrate life's rites of passage and milestones from "womb to tomb".  I love that every celebration is unique.  Click here for more information on Certified Celebrants 

I am a true romantic. I experience marital bliss with my husband every day of my life. This blissful feeling resonates in my ceremonies as I recite my ceremonies with heart-felt love and passion.

A little background about myself...I have been in the wedding and event planning industry for well over 27 years. I have worked behind the scenes in all aspects of the wedding industry as a make up artist, corporate event planner, floral designer, event coordinator, and wedding planner. For two years, I was the Wedding Columnist for the prestigious Social Scene Magazine in Santa Barbara.

"I will gladly assist you in your preparations."

As proprietor of Romantic Santa Barbara Weddings,'I will gladly assist in your preparations.' I am committed to making sure that up-to-the-moment you say, “I do” is an experience you’ll hold warmly in your heart forever". 

I look forward to making your wedding dreams come true!
Soulfully yours,
Alma Rose Aguirre-Middleton

We are bilingual in Spanish!

             Sending 'love dust' your way!