Common Mistakes When Planning A Beach Wedding

Summer is just around the corner and the thought of a romantic beach wedding with toes in the sand sounds like everything you dreamed of.   When planning your seaside wedding there are some things to consider and avoid making mistakes.

CHOOSING THE RIGHT WEDDING ATTIRE:  Usually a fairytale wedding dress is too much for a beach wedding. Every wedding company has a selection of beach wedding designs.  You don't want to look out of place or over dressed.  SIMPLICITY is key.  The boho looks great on the beach.   Do you want to look sexy on your wedding day, usually a mermaid style dress looks striking. An empire look is also beautiful.  Get the picture? The super big poofy dresses will make you feel like a fish out of water. I highly suggest that you wear a wedged shoe, a flat or going barefoot (so romantic).  High heels will sink into the sand especially during the ceremony.  You will be more concerned about your heels than your I DO's.

COOL TEMPERATURES:  Consider the air temperature when planning your beach wedding.  In Santa Barbara, the median temperature is mid 60s.  Although we have more than 300 sunny days a year in Santa Barbara, it does not mean that the air is always warm.  Mid day weddings are ideal temperature wise, however, that means more beachgoers. Late afternoon to sunset weddings are better as there are less people on the beach.  But remember, as the sun drops so does the temperature.  Warn your guests to bring something warm to wear.  You may want to bring a wrap for yourself plus it can make for a great photo prop. 

SELECTING A BACKDROP FOR YOUR WEDDING:  Depending on your budget, a beautiful beach set up sets the tone for your beachside wedding.   Too many brides get caught up on insisting on deep and colorful drapery on their set up.  You don't want to fight mother nature. Usually the soft cream color or white chiffon is enough to compliment the natural ocean backdrop.  I have seen way to many set ups with deep burgundy, dark blue, reds, etc.  I personally feel these colors distract from what you wanted in the first place...a beautiful ocean backdrop.  You can add a punch of color with your floral scheme.  Just keep the drapery to a neutral.

CONSIDER YOUR GUEST'S COMFORT:  If you are having guests, here are some things to consider...designate a place for your guests to deposit their shoes, i.e. a basket, a beach mat, a large towel, etc.  You don't want your guest's shoes full of sand for the reception.  Suggest to your guests to bring something warm to wear.  Bring water for your guests.  Seating is not necessary as most beach ceremonies are rather short - 15 to 20 minutes. But if your budget allows it, by all means supply chairs for them.  Give them an exact location of the ceremony.  Too many ceremonies do not start on time because the guests are lost. Lastly, send them off to the reception as soon as family photos are done so they don't have to wait for you while taking your post couple photos.  After all, they are ready to party!